Advantages of Joining a Car Club

For many people, joining a car club is one of their best perks. For Pinoys, it’s common for them to socialize with other car enthusiasts, which is not surprising considering that car clubs are formed in almost every part of the country. There are even specific car clubs that only serve Pimps and Queens. One of the most renowned car clubs in the Philippines is the Pinoy Forum, an open and casual club consisting of Filipino and foreign members who enjoy spending time with each other.

Joining a car club in the Philippines is like having a second family. Imagine yourself having a long discussion over a cup of coffee over a favorite topic. At the same time, someone points out the different landmarks in Baguio City or the latest movie releases from the cinemas in Manila. You get to share your knowledge and experience from your country, which makes for good family bonding. What’s more, when you talk about your favorite places and experiences, another Pinoy enjoys listening and trying out your stories.

Another reason why joining a car club is advisable in the Philippines is because of insurance. Almost every car in the country comes with a minimum insurance coverage requirement. The minimum car insurance policy in the Philippines typically comes with medical payments and another thousand pesos in property damage liability. With these requirements in place, you can be sure that when you are involved in a car accident, you will have a way of paying for your passengers’ medical expenses and damage to the property of other road users. Most importantly, if your car gets damaged or stolen, the insurance company will pay for at least some of these expenses. So, being a member of a car-sharing scheme will benefit you and your vehicle financially and in terms of security.

If you want to know more about the advantages of joining a car club, read the infographic below from iChoose:


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