Beginner’s Guide: Different Betting Systems to Use in Online Casinos

Betting systems usually include predetermined rules. The intention is to tip the odds in a bettor’s favor and minimize the house edge. These systems are not as complicated as it seems. Gamblers need a quick exploration to know which betting system suits them the most. Reading reviews is one way to make an informed decision. All this information will help bettors narrow the list of various gambling systems and see what is best for them.

The most betting systems utilized are:

  1. Martingale System
  2. The Reverse Martingale System
  3. Labouchere System
  4. D’Alembert System
  5. Fibonacci Betting System

Martingale System

Martingale is the most versatile method in gambling. Numerous online casino roulette in Singapore utilize this method. It is functional in many casino games like:

  1. Even-money wagers. 
  2. Outside wagers at the roulette table (e.g., odd and even).
  3. Blackjack table to place pass or no pass bets.
  4. Sports betting for even-money bets.

There are only two rules in this type of system:

  • Rule 1

A bettor should double their stake if they lose.

  • Rule 2

After each win, return to the first stake.

Reverse Martingale System

This system works the same way as the Martingale but has a positive progression system. The player’s bet will rise once they win a hand. A refund will occur in the original chance once the gambler loses a hand or spin.

This strategy increases an individual’s bankroll exponentially if they win. Sadly, losing one round can lead to the loss of many. It is a modified Martingale, which allows gamblers to have a larger bankroll without requiring multiple wins.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere is a negative progression system that increases stakes when losing bets are lost. It is intended for the roulette table utilization with the even-money outside bets, such as:

  1. Red, black, or odd.
  2. In conjunction with any other even money, such as baccarat odd or even.
  3. Sports betting
  4. Blackjack

Learn more about the various betting systems in the infographic below created and designed by the famous company known for their poker games online services, Junebet66:

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