Best Boarding Schools

Living in a boarding school is one of the students’ best decisions for their personal growth. It is a physical form of education, enabling learners to determine how to live independently, participate in creative programs, and gain chances to get to the university they desire. It also helps them concentrate on their studies, mature, and reach their true potential by providing free will and giving formal instructions they can follow. 

Most colleges have boarding areas to give additional comfort to their students while they study. However, not all institutions have an impeccable standard that will set foot on a person’s necessities. 

What critical aspects should a student look for in a comprehensive boarding school?

  1. Location
  2. Tuition
  3. Percentage of students receiving financial aid
  4. Acceptance rate
  5. Students boarding statistics
  6. Teacher-to-Student proportion
  7. ACT (American College Test) average
  8. SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) average
  9. Student ratio
  10. Prominent Alumni

Various boarding schools acquire factors that a student may consider, especially when aiming to enter a prestigious elite university. One known university that can give high capacity is Harvard University. The university possesses the title of America’s oldest learning establishment. Their excellent standards and selective admissions arguably made the Harvard acceptance rate lower than other schools

It is essential to understand how significant it is knowing the university’s admission data. A lower acceptance rate indicates exceeding competition from other colleges. On the other hand, a higher consensus means it is more selective than other schools because it has highly committed and accomplished learners.

Stanford University is another well-known college recognized as the top 10 in the ranking universities for providing higher education. Their academic system is one of the many reasons why Stanford acceptance rate reached 4.7%, which is a .05% increased considering of their critical affirmations.

Admission to such universities will be difficult, but entering prestigious boarding schools first will help aspiring students to get accepted.

Phillips Exeter Academy is one of the most eminent private boarding schools. It is an independent school for grades 9-12, and they are known for its unique teaching method called the Harkness method. They are more based on discussion and imply student-centered teaching, diffusing every aspect of an individual’s life.

However, they are not the sole academy prevailing good benchmarks.

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