Best way to select winter tyres

When you are looking for new winter tyres for your vehicle, you might wonder which ones are the best for your vehicle. It does matter what type of vehicle that you have. There are different tyres for normal passenger cars and SUVs and bigger vehicles such as vans or light trucks. There are also more wear-resistant tyres for electric cars and hybrids, as their wear tends to be higher due to the extra weight and higher torque.

It is important that you select the best winter tyre for the vehicle that you have. You also need to match it with the weather conditions that you tend to drive in. With a whole range of various winter tyres from different brands, the selection can be quite challenging. EU introduced a mandatory tyre label to simplify the selection of tyres. However, it doesn’t target winter tyres and is more aimed at summer tyres, so even though you can still use it for the indication, it will not help you compare which is best for the conditions you will face. Also, not if the tyres are any good for your vehicle. Here you are better off doing your research online.

When you start searching for tyres online, it is important to know that there are three different tyre product groups that can be used for winter conditions. You have two dedicated winter tyres that are to be used together with summer tyres when the winter season ends. One of them is studded, and the other one is non-studded. The studded tyres have metal studs protruding from the tread to give you a good grip as you drive, especially on ice. Then you have the non-studded tyres that use a unique tread design to create grip on ice and snow and often also add cryo-crystals to give the tread surface an abrasive surface to increase the friction. Then you have the all-weather tyre that can be approved for winter conditions. These tyrse can be used all year round and is a perfect option if you live in an area without a clear winter and a clear summer season, where a compromise tyre will be perfect.

When you have decided which tyre option is the best, then you will need to start looking for which tyre options are available for your vehicle. There is a lot of information available online, so once you have narrowed down which winter tyre option fits you the best, you can start searching for that combination. If you look for SUV non-studded tyres, then you will have narrowed down the search results drastically. The best next step then is to start reading independent tyre tests and tyre reviews to get a good understanding of how well they perform on the tests that represent the conditions in your area. Finally, you can combine that with the EU tyre label indicators such as rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption.

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