Business Insurance Types Restaurants Need

A restaurant is a place where eating and conversations blend. As a resto owner, you want the best meals for your customers. However, it is not only the foods you need to think and consider. What if something goes wrong?

From food contamination to fire accidents, such scenarios can impend your business operations and put your restaurant in danger legally and financially. One may wonder what to do in times of emergency. That is the reason acquiring the services of small business insurance, California is a must.

Yet, before calling a service provider to help ensure your restaurant insurance cost, these are business insurance types a resto needs to avail.

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance covers the expenses needed for repair and replacements when a fire breaks and other mass destructive accidents happen, incurring damages and losses to your properties. In short, it sets you free from shouldering the expensive cost of the aftermath.

General liability insurance

Secure a general liability (GL) insurance as it compensates slips and falls accidents that may occur anytime within your restaurant premises. GL also serves as your defense when your landlord accused you of starting the fire on the property. Customers suing you for food-borne illnesses, copyright infringement lawsuits, and damaged reputations are the other claims covered by this insurance type.

Crime insurance

Safeguard the years of your effort, dedication, and passion against acts of burglary, forgery of documents, and extortion by availing of crime insurance. It protects your business from losses incurred due to criminal activities, including cash, assets, merchandise, or other property coverage.

Worker’s compensation insurance

When a worker sustained an injury or died while fulfilling his job, worker’s compensation insurance covers the hospital fees and rehabilitation costs. If the employee needs time to recover, the worker’s comp compensates the salary loss.

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