Engagement Rings: Myth & Facts

People tend to invest when they feel a sense of safety and security for the future. This is the same for engagement and marriage. Aside from marriage itself, proposals are the ultimate declaration of love. In these events, some customs comprise of giving and receiving gifts to represent love, honor, and commitment they will share for the rest of their lives.

Jewelry, particularly engagement rings, is the most common jewelry given to stand for the promise of marriage. Since rings are circles, it is used as a symbol of eternal love, while also standing for the renewal and rebirth of that devotion.

This piece of jewelry is proof of your beloved’s commitment to you, one that you can walk around and show off to the world. For this reason, engagement rings have been especially popular in jewelry stores in the Philippines.

Wearing an engagement ring has a long tradition for many countries dating back to ancient times. However, it’s not always the romantic symbol that we know. The earliest record of this tradition can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Back then, rings symbolized both the man’s ownership of their significant other and their love for each other.

As time passed, the meaning of engagement rings changed. For some time, the ring was not just an advertisement of the bride’s committed status but also the social position and prosperity of her groom. This is because it is a representation of the bride receiving dowry or bride price. The more extravagant the ring, the better the social status.

Eventually, its meaning became what it is today. Now, presenting an engagement ring means proclaiming the giver’s undying love and affection. The rings’ meaning isn’t the only thing that has changed through the centuries.

Engagement ring designs in the Philippines have also changed constantly. These days, they come in many different types, shapes, and styles. Some are made of silver, gold, or platinum. You’ll find rings that are adorned with single or multiple gemstones. Rings with colored gemstones are a popular choice these days, though diamonds are still popular.

Ultimately, the important thing is that you choose one based on your preferences. However, the symbolism of engagement rings plays heavily into a couple’s choice of ring. Some choose an heirloom ring to honor tradition. In contrast, others go for a completely new ring for a more personal symbolic element.

Some would choose a gemstone for their engagement rings based on their meaning. For instance, the classic diamond ring is a favorite because it’s a gemstone meant to last forever. Proposing with a diamond engagement ring is a way to express their promise that their love would last just as long.

While choosing a design based on meanings and symbols makes the ring more special, it can also create confusion when you’re shopping for a ring. Engagement rings are a massive investment that you’ll be keeping for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s essential to learn everything before making a purchase to make sure you made the proper judgment.

Unfortunately, its long history also created misconceptions and myths about engagement rings. Some people do believe in these myths and let them affect their buying decision. While it’s almost impossible to buy a lousy ring, these myths can limit your choices and make your search more difficult.

If you want to be well-informed before going to a jewelry store, you can look stuff up on the internet. You can also read this infographic by Adeva Jewellery to shed some light on the myths and facts surrounding engagement rings.

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