EPL 2021/22: Top Players to Watch Out For (Infographics)

The much-awaited English Premier League 2021/2022 season has just started this month. This year, bettors have the opportunity to watch the matches live either from the stadiums’ seats or at the comfort of their homes. While many people will likely support their favorites with a lot of awards and experience, there are new players in the scene ready to dominate the game.


Jean-Phillippe Mateta (Crystal Palace)

Mateta is FSV Mainz’s talisman and the club’s top scorer in the 2020/2021 season, netting 10 in 17 games across all competitions. Standing 6’3” tall, the French youth striker is currently on an 18-month loan with Mainz. With his impressive scoring rate and skills, he is ready to climb the ladder.


Jacob Ramsey (Aston Villa)

This young English midfielder who joined Under 23s has compelling stats in the Premier League with three goals out of seven league appearances. His strong attributes are his arguable energy and technical ability, making him a regular scorer of good goals.


Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

Since joining Manchester United, Fernandes has proved that he’s a game-changer in the EPL by securing his club’s place in the last four games of the previous season. This attacking midfielder from Portugal

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If you aim to know more information about the players to watch out for this years’ EPL, check this infographic provided by CM2Bet.

EPL 2021/22: Top Players to Watch Out For
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