How to Choose NFC Chips for Your Metal Cards

NFC is a new technology that can be used to transfer data between devices. Its main advantages include security and mobility. The technology can be used for access control and payment. NFC-enabled devices can validate your identity and prevent fraudulent purchases. Some companies have already embraced NFC as a secure alternative to credit cards. 

In the retail industry, NFC has become a valuable tool to extend the customer experience and encourage interaction. Many businesses have used NFC tags to promote their services and products. NFC tags are inexpensive smart tags that contain an integrated circuit, a small copper coil, and some storage space. The technology works over a short distance, usually around four inches.

Using these tags, customers could get a more personalized experience, including games, competitions, and acquisition of promotions and bonuses, as well as store points. NFC tags are easy to use and scan, allowing shoppers to interact with brands outside of a physical location easily.

The most common use of NFC is in contactless payments. More payment cards come with NFC chips, and banks are issuing new credit cards with NFC chips. 75 percent of the 100 million bank cards in Germany have NFC chips. By 2022, all non-NFC-enabled cards will be replaced by NFC-compatible cards. Since NFC cards allow better convenience than conventional ATMs or credit cards, people are now more open to the idea of using them and other NFC technologies that can improve everyday experience.

Ready to utilize NFC for your business?

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