Make sure that you don’t forget to change from your non-studded to summer tyres

Changing to winter tyres from summer tyres is very important and is critical for your safety as driving with summer tyres in winter conditions is associated with great danger. It is vital to make timely changes between summer and winter tyres, but the most important is always to have winter tyres when you have winter conditions.

For winter tyres, you have both studded tyres and non-studded tyres, where the studded tyres tend to come with strict rules for when they can be used. You will have a date when they can earliest be used during the autumn and then a date for when they have to be removed during the spring. Without these special dates for car owners with studded tyres on their cars, there is little chance that they will forget. If they forget to change, they might be fined by the police. You can also not drive in Poland and Germany with studded tyres as long as you have them on. Once you have removed them and put them on your summer tyres, you can visit both countries.

If you instead have non-studded tyres, there are no dates to comply with, so you can use them all summer, and you wouldn’t be breaking any laws. You will, however, not have the best tyres for the season, and the tyres will become too soft as the summer temperature starts rising during the summer days. The problem with using winter tyres during the summer when they are soft is that the wear increases and the performance isn’t optimal, together with the high fuel consumption.

Since the non-studded tyres don’t have studs and are quiet, people can forget to change the tyres. You might have different alloy rims for your summer tyres or something else, allowing you to remember them better. Otherwise, it could be good to put some reminders in your calendar to remind you. Not everyone would see the difference between summer tyres and winter tyres with no studs, so even if you check the tyres regularly, you might not notice that you still have the winter tyres on your car.

It isn’t dangerous in the same way to drive with winter tyres during the summer, but with the higher wear and higher fuel costs you want to avoid it, as it can become costly, and you can wear out the winter tyres so that they won’t be any good for when the winter season starts. If you want to have one set for the whole year, you will have to purchase all-season tyres, a hybrid between summer and winter tyres that can be used all year through without changing. Since they are approved for winter use, they will perform safely both in snow and ice, and since they also have a tread that can handle summer conditions, you can drive safely without excessive wear and high fuel consumption.

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