Natural Light – What Are the Benefits and How to Address Its Disadvantages

One of the biggest benefits of natural light is its ability to boost your mood and reduce stress. Studies have shown that people who were exposed to more natural light slept for 46 minutes more per night! It also helps to regulate your metabolism, and can regulate some diseases. Regardless of how much natural light you get in your home, the more of it you get, the better! Here are some ways to incorporate natural lighting into your home.

First, natural light is free. However, it may not be available all day long. Second, natural light does not produce as much illumination as artificial light sources. Therefore, it is best used to highlight a subject or a scene rather than fill the frame with it. It is often used in documentaries and nature photos. If you don’t have natural light in your area, you can use bounce cards to reflect the light and enhance the results.

Another advantage of natural lighting is that it is free and abundant. Natural light makes colors look different and makes skin look healthier, smoother, and less shadowy. Additionally, natural light reduces eye strain and headaches. In feng shui, it is said that a home filled with natural light will attract wealth and prosperity. Despite its drawbacks, natural lighting should be a top priority for any modern business.

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