Reasons to Visit a California Distillery

Gin, vodka, whiskey – everyone has their favorite spirits. You can enjoy them alone at home, with friends, or with your family. Having a nice drink is sure to bring a good time, and what better way to enjoy a glass than to visit a California distillery?

What is a Distillery?

A distillery is where the distillation of alcohol takes place. If you’re unsure what distillation means, it is the process of purifying and concentrating alcohol until the final spirit is produced. 

Taking a tour of a distillery allows you to see the process of how alcoholic spirits are made. You get the opportunity to taste their products in a tasting room. Some distilleries may have their restaurants, too.

So, if you’re craving a steak and a glass of whiskey, there is no need to look up for apple valley liquor; here are some reasons to choose a California distillery instead.

Learn about History and Traditions

Visiting a California distillery lets you learn about its history and traditions of producing spirits. You’ll gain knowledge of the area’s cultural heritage and may even recognize several names that will pop up in their history. 

Excellent Customer Service

Distilleries are known for keeping customers happy and satisfied after each visit. Their great food and drinks, friendly atmosphere, and hospitality will give you an incredible experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Dine at Restaurants

If you’re feeling hungry, you can dine in the nearby restaurants for some steak and sausages. Distillery restaurants serve the tastiest food and handmade alcohol you can enjoy alone or with friends and family.

Take Some Alcohol with You

Distilleries allow you to take home bottles of your chosen spirit with you so you can have a drink at home. Some distilleries like Town’s End Stillhouse offer full charred oak barrels of your choice whiskey or bourbon. 

End the Tour with More Drinks

The whole point of a distillery tour is to get a glimpse of their production process and have several drinks. By the end of your visit, you can have several free drinks and samples of their products.

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