The Symbolic Value of Flowers in Weddings

Incorporating flowers into wedding ceremonies has become a universal tradition worldwide. It has become a part of the bridal wedded bliss gathering. But what is the significance and symbolism behind the use of flowers at weddings?

Historical Roots and Symbolism

The primary utilisation of flowers in wedding ceremonies started way back in Ancient times in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. However, it was not the usual bouquet that is seen today, but a collection of herbs and spices used to ward off spirits and bad luck.

But as the Elizabethan and Victorian eras began, the use of flowers became more obtrusive, while each flower has its specific meaning and sentimental value to the bride.

Expressing Emotions and Sentiments

Flowers have the wow factor to express special emotions and sentiments. Each flower varies on what affectivity it conveys.

Here are some of the various flowers used in a wedding that symbolise different meanings:

  • Lilies signify innocence and purity,

  • Red roses mean love and passion,

  • Orchids symbolise happiness and eternal love,

  • Tulips mean perfect love,

  • Daisies show loyalty and fidelity, and

  • Sunflowers behold adoration, commitment, and longevity.

All these flowers are used for creating a bouquet and the wedding ceremony’s decoration. It will significantly depend on the bride’s personal preference, taste, and cultural and religious traditions. For instance, the bride may request flower arrangements with orchids and roses or whatever type of flowers she would like to combine.

Enhancing the Visual Appeal of Weddings

Wedding flowers are used not only for the basic reason of symbolising the bride’s preference and essence, but these ornaments also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of weddings. These marital blossoms have a transformative power that creates a visually stunning atmosphere, from bridal bouquets to venue decorations. It enhances the ceremony’s ambience, establishing a memorable atmosphere for the bride and groom and their guests.

Sustainability in Floral Choices

The environmental impact of conventional flower production increased awareness among many people in today’s era. Hence, the growing trend of choosing sustainable and eco-friendly floral options for weddings snowballed to future brides and grooms.

Couples can order flowers from a local supplier that grows them organically and naturally. Some also prefer ordering seasonal ones and even fair-trade ones instead of imported and conventional buds. It is a vital choice as it helps boost the local economy, flowers will have a lower carbon footprint, and they are far more fragrant and fresher.

Closing Remarks

Along with the timeless tradition and evolving trends that make flowers an integral and meaningful aspect of wedding celebrations, DM Flowers, a floral shop based in Adelaide, South Australia, shares that couples must have a wedding flower checklist to make their wedding day more colourful and memorable.

Flowers are a vital part of wedding ceremonies as they signify sentimental symbolism and aesthetics, and all the factors mentioned above prove that.



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