Tips on How to Clean Your Jewellery at Home

Women have many different pieces of jewellery that they adore. Some are more expensive than others, but none can compare to personalised jewellery for her collection. For years now women have been collecting and adorning their beautiful jewellery pieces with one intention and that is to look as beautiful as possible. As a woman grows older the jewellery that she wears will only get more beautiful and personalised as time goes by. This article is going to be about how to clean the jewellery for her so that she can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

There are several things you are going to need when learning how to clean personalised jewellery for the first time. First, let us explain to you a few basic rules when caring for and maintaining your jewellery. Take your time when choosing the correct cleaning product and try to use a soft toothbrush to clean each piece gently.

If you choose to use a mild soap on your silver pieces, then make sure you rinse it off thoroughly after using the soap. When rinsing off the soap you should do it very carefully and slowly so that you do not splash any of the water onto the jewellery. Rinsing the soap off completely is a bad idea because the water will get into the grooves of the stone and cause dullness over time. Also do not use extremely harsh chemicals when cleaning silver jewellery as they can cause damage. Instead of using soap, you can purchase a special silver cleaner made especially for cleaning silver items.

For the diamond jewellery that you wear on your fingers, you should gently scrub your fingers with a soft toothbrush and warm water. Try to work the oil and dirt out of the diamond jewellery with your fingertips. Work the toothbrush in a circular motion around the diamond studs and let the toothbrush run smoothly over the stones. Once all of the dirt is removed, you should rinse your hands with warm water and a few drops of shampoo. It is important to rinse with warm water and a gentle scrubbing motion because this will remove any lingering traces of soap or shampoo.

Now that we are talking about delicate jewellery, you will want to know how to clean pearls. Pearls are extremely delicate and require that you take special care to ensure that they are kept clean and well cared for. A simple solution to keeping your pearls clean and tidy is to use a special cleaning solution that is recommended for the care of pearls and that will keep the beads from getting tangled. Most of the cleaning solutions that you find at the store will be fine for jewellery making. If you need a more concentrated solution, simply look up all of the cleaning solutions that are recommended for your type of pearls online and you will find them.

If you have a piece of gold jewellery that has tarnished, you should never use a regular household detergent to clean it. This is because the ingredients in regular household detergents can cause tarnish to build up. Instead, you should use a jewellery cleaner that is specially designed to deal with tarnish. If you do not know how to clean a tarnished piece of jewellery, you may want to take it in to see a jeweller so that he or she can recommend a specific product. There are also several safe cleaning products on the market that are made specifically for jewellery.

Do you want to know more tips about cleaning your personalised jewellery? Here is an infographic from Charming Jewellery Store:

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