What Makes a Fine Looking Custom Made Jewellery? [Infographic]

A piece of jewellery designed and made exclusively for a specific person is one of the oldest craft forms. But don’t you know that it has an even deeper history? 

Jewellery has been around for thousands of years. Ever since then, humans have always used it as a way to show social status. Think of how royalties were always wearing something with a great deal of prestige in it. Even today, the rich and famous continue to wear their wealth in fine jewellery to show they hold high social positions.

What is a piece of custom-made jewellery, anyway? Does it have any difference with simple jewellery?

A custom-made jewellery has been designed and created specifically for a particular person. Perhaps a member of the family, a friend, even an entire group of people, or a loved one.

Each person carries a personal story and their jewellery, and their entire history is intertwined with each other. Anyone can take this history and create masterpieces, whether a necklace or earrings crafted entirely for their loved ones. It is all completely up to the individual who would generate and design it.

On the infographic below, Adeva Jewellery, the most known engagement ring Philippines and wedding rings Philippines company, shares all the things that made custom-made jewellery splendid:

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