Basic water heater buying guide

A few years back, having a water heater in a country like the Philippines was considered something of a luxury or a convenience only wealthy people could afford to possess. However, as time went on and with lifestyle getting more prioritized, more and more people have embraced the idea of having home essentials that can make their lives easier and more comfortable. 

Since modern homes are now capitalizing on convenience and comfort, water heaters have become essential to a home’s vital needs. While it has many benefits, choosing and buying the right one out of so many choices can be confusing and challenging. That is why we prepared this essential water heater buying guide to help you get the best one for you.

Tank or tankless?

There are two main water heater types: tank and tankless or gas and electric. Both are insulated and can keep the water warm. They also have a thermostat to control temperature. The main difference is that a tankless instant water heater provides an endless hot water supply since it heats the water on demand. Unlike a gas tank which takes time to fill up the tank and holds a limited amount of hot water.

Consider the Size or Capacity

One more vital thing to consider when looking for a new water heater is size. The larger the water heater, the more energy it will consume. A larger water heater will also cost more. Also, remember that gas models are more expensive to install than electric ones. If you need a gas-powered water heater, consider hiring a licensed electrician to help determine the electrical requirements.


Like buying anything else, determining the budget is also a must when purchasing a water heater. Before shopping online or going to the store, make sure you have an idea about the estimated annual maintenance and operating cost, then compare water heaters to determine which is the best based on quality, efficiency, and budget.

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