Choosing the Perfect Resort in Antigua

Planning a vacation with your family can be challenging since you must find accommodations to satisfy their individual needs. A resort is an excellent option if you spend the holiday in Antigua. With so many providers on the island, how do you know which top resorts in Antigua fit your criteria?

Luxury resorts in Antigua offer many amenities and services to their guests, but not all will fulfill your family’s requirements. Check out our tips on how to choose the right Antiguan resort below:


You would want to stay in a resort as close as possible to all your intended destinations since convenience is crucial to boosting your family’s quality of stay. You should know how willing you are to travel a certain distance and whether or not there is any public transportation available. You should also see if the resort is near the airport, clinics, and other essential establishments.


While you and the family may go out frequently to explore Antigua’s wonders, there may be times when you may prefer to stay a while inside the resort. This is why it is important to have readily available fun activities to prevent boredom. Always remember that not all resorts would have the needed facilities, so check their website for a list of their offers.

Your itinerary should include gyms, casinos, arcades, swimming pools, music lounges, and other entertainment amenities. If you are bringing children, ask the resort if they have a safe play area.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Health and safety should be a priority in your family vacation, especially since you will travel to a foreign destination. 

When scrutinizing a resort, you may want to avoid older resorts since they may not be well-maintained. Of course, this should not be taken in general, but you must examine how dedicated the resort is to health and sanitation. One source you may look into for insights is the past reviews left behind by guests, which may indicate the pleasurable or unsatisfactory conditions of the accommodation.


A good resort should have some restaurants with dining variety within the premises so that you and your family do not have to go out for a meal. Some resorts offer restaurants with buffets, a la carte, or themed dining. 

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