Tax Planning Strategies for Small Businesses

Handling a small business is a serious matter. Various factors need to consider for the firm’s orderliness and growth.

Tax consulting is one of the many significant matters small businesses should prioritise since there is a chance they could face challenges in managing their taxes. Opting for a tax consultant is wise as these experts provide minimised tax liability and respond accurately to tax-related concerns.

Despite these professionals’ availability, it is still vital for you to determine the common tax planning strategies for your small business. Awareness of this matter will give you greater understanding and clarity, enabling you to optimise your starting company’s financial position.

Some of the primary attributes you should know are:

Tax Deductions

A tax deduction is an income reduction that is taxable. It is a disbursal incurred by the taxpayer and subtracted from gross income to lower their tax liability during the year.

In Australia, Australian taxpayers can claim their tax deduction for expenses they incur in carrying on their business. But there are only obtainable factors, such as:

  • Purchased products or services for your business,
  • Specific capital expenses like the cost of machinery and any equipment utilised in your business, and
  • Day-to-day operating expenditures.

However, the business deduction would only be valid if they are eligible for Australia’s three golden rules:

  1. If the expense is a mix of private and business use, the portion utilised for business is claimable,
  2. If the disbursal is available as an allowable deduction and is intended to be used for your business,
  3. You have recorded proof.

Timing of Income and Expenses

There are two main implications of the recognition of income and expenses for tax purposes:

One – For the collection of tax timing,

Two – For the question of quantification, such as how to guarantee the difference between the timing of the recognition of income and expenditure as opposed to the dates. It is where the amounts are paid or received, and it should not alter the amount of chargeable income determined.

Entity Structure

Choosing your business structure is important as it gives your company a framework, enabling it to grow quickly. It gives you and your employees clarity in managing expectations, enhancing decision-making, and providing consistency.

This factor will help you organise your workflow and ensure all vital tasks are completed on time. Even financial reporting would be easy, especially when using Xero bookkeeping. These things would assist your company in growing while lessening the possible tax liabilities you might commit and gain.

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