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Smoking has been a part of human culture for centuries. As society evolves, so do the methods and materials used to smoke. One such example is the rise in popularity…

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Introduction The medical field is populated by sterile processing technician who collaborates with other techs to sterilize, pack and distribute drugs. They make sure that medications and other sterile products…

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You may get in touch with Welzo Pharmacy through their website if you require professional assistance with your HbA1c Blood Test or with any other health concerns you may have.…

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Your doctor will order blood tests for PCOS to rule out other diseases or conditions. Your doctor will check for levels of androgen and blood sugar, as well as perform…

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Despite being widely known, the terms epidemic and pandemic are often misunderstood. An epidemic is a disease that has spread out of control, while a pandemic is an outbreak that…

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Mental health is fragile. The pandemic brought mental and behavioral health in greater focus. The widespread of Covid-19 led to anxiety among all ages. It is not only anxiety that…

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