Check your vehicle and its tires before driving away on vacation

all-season tires

Using the car and driving to the vacation destination is still very popular, as you can stop along the way and have the freedom once you arrive to have a vehicle. It can also be cheaper than flying if you are a whole family traveling, plus less hassle now during Corona times. To ensure that your trip will be smooth and pleasant without any major car-related problems while driving towards your end destination, you will need to make sure that you check the critical safety items on your car. It will elevate your safety, minimize the risk for delays or problems and lower your driving costs. These factors make it worth your time to check all of this before you head out on your trip.

You should always have your tires checked to ensure that they are in an excellent and safe condition for the trip. The main reason for breakdowns along the way during the summer is either running out of fuel or tire-related problems. When it comes to the tires, they can easily be checked before you leave. Check for detectable visual issues such as cuts or cracks. You should have premium all-season tires or all-weather tires on your car, or if you decided to go with all-weather tires, make sure that they are suitable for the destination you plan to travel to. The tires should also be good in wet conditions with excellent wet grip and ability to prevent hydroplaning, by incorporating the latest technologies to reduce the risk for hydroplaning and making it safer to drive on wet roads or in heavy rain.

An essential item to check is the tire pressure. The tire pressure will vary with temperature, so if you travel between destinations with significant temperature differences, you should re-check the pressure during the trip. The pressure should also be adjusted based on the load that you will carry. So an entire car with family and luggage needs to be adjusted before the long trip by measuring it once the vehicle is fully loaded and everyone is in the car. Low tire pressure can be a pretty costly ordeal as the tire will wear faster, so that you will need to replace the tires sooner than anticipated. The car’s fuel consumption will also increase due to higher rolling resistance, so your trip can suddenly become a lot more costly than you intended.

You also need to check the tires’ tread depth to make sure that you have more than 5/32 inches of remaining tread depth. If you are close to it or under, you should visit a tire shop and purchase a new set of tires. If your tire has some visible damages, you should also head towards the tire shop and have the tires checked out so that you can get a professional opinion on the detected problem. If they clear your tires, you should be good to go.

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