What to search for when you select new summer tyres?

When you are looking to buy new summer tyres, there are a few things that you search for when you look for a good set of tyres. Tyres are a critical part of the car’s safety performance; without good tyres, a vehicle will not be safe to drive. This is why tyre selection can be critical. You should make sure that the tyres that you buy are intended for the use where you will use the tyres. Part of the selection will also depend on if you use winter tyres for the winter season.

It is essential for summer tyres to have a good grip on dry surfaces, but since summers will also have some heavy rains, you will need a good grip also on wet roads. They should have a tread design that is optimized for pushing away water so that they are good at preventing aquaplaning. The wet grip of the tyres can be found on the mandatory tyre label attached to the tyre for easy comparison. You should choose a tyre that has a good wet grip and also low rolling resistance. The low rolling resistance will ensure that your vehicle doesn’t consume more fuel than it should.

Rolling noise might be another property you might want to look into. This is more related to driving comfort, where a high rolling noise can be quite disturbing, especially if you have an electric car or a hybrid, as they are inherently quieter than a pure petrol-driven car. It is just as important that you check the speed rating so that your tyres are designed for the speed you intend to drive. This is, of course, more important if you have a high-performance car and you like to drive fast. If you plan to drive it down through Germany, where you don’t have speed limits on Autobahn, you might want to be able to drive at high speed and need then tyres that allow for that.

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