Roof Installation Dos and Don’ts

The roof is a fundamental element of your home. It serves as a protection against falling objects or severe weather conditions, such as storms or tornados.
As a homeowner, it is critical to always ensure that your roof is free from wear and tear. Conducting regular cleaning and inspections will help you prolong the life of your roof and keep you safe.
Yet, the condition of your roof can degrade over time, even when performing the necessary maintenance. This can lead to either a roof repair or getting an entire renovation.
If your home’s roof needs an upgrade or a whole replacement, then hiring a professional home exterior contractor is ideal. An experienced contractor will help you pick which style of roof is the best and give you a detailed estimate of the entire cost.
Still, it would help if you ensure that they properly do the roof installation job. Understanding what to do and what not to do when installing a new roof is crucial because this will determine how much it can survive weather changes and protect you in the long run.
Here are some roof installation dos and don’ts you need to know.


  • Choose the right materials. Getting the suitable materials is a good first step when installing a new roof. If you are looking to make a long-term investment, roofing materials that can endure a long period are excellent selections.
  • Check the wind and fire ratings. Most roofing materials have ratings that indicate their resilience to wind and fire. Although not all manufacturers submit their materials for such testing, it is suggested that you choose a graded product.
  • Protect your property. It is essential to protect your yard from harm while the contractors are removing old shingles from your rooftop. Most contractors will use tarps to cover plants and shrubberies, but if yours does not, ensure you take care of it yourself.



  • Cut corners. The roof will keep you and your loved ones secure, so it is crucial that you avoid settling for low-quality materials as this can become more costly in the future.
  • Use old flashing. Reusing outdated flashing is a common roofing error. Even if the current flashing seems to be in good shape, replacing it at the same time as the roof shingles or tiles is ideal. You face the danger of possible problems with water damage or roof leaks if the flashing is reused.
  • Neglecting the manufacturer’s instructions. There are directions for everything done on your roof. Following it is vital because ignoring it can result in poor installation and increases the risk of harm. Moreover, certain roofing materials provide by warrantees, but compliance with the rules is necessary. The guarantee is usually invalidated if the materials are installed or handled inappropriately.


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