Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History | Infographic

Gambling is one of the most entertaining hobbies you can engage in nowadays. Sports betting Malaysia is among the few that you can try if you want to start your betting journey. But before that, learn some strategies before diving into placing your wagers. There are many approaches and methods to choosing the best plan for sports betting. 

Aside from the common techniques to make a profit out of wagering, looking for the most rewarding sports you can place a wager on is what you should do. In that case, a parlay is included in the list. Parlay betting allows you to place multiple wagers on the exact match simultaneously rather than place individual bets. This is like combining multiple singles into one

large bet. Parlay bets have a much higher chance of winning than you expect, and there is a greater risk. To win, all parlays bet matches must win. The entire parlay will lose if one bet losses. This is how you play parlay.

If you want to spread the excitement of the parlay over several games, there are many options. These games can last for weeks or even months, especially if future odds are involved.

In history, Steve Whiteley won the biggest parlay bets. He bags a total of £1,445,671.71. He made a bet on Tote Jackpot using a free promotion. To win the Tote Jackpot, you only need to predict six winners. Steve Whiteley did just that; he randomly placed six bets and won the jackpot. This happened in March 2011. Keep in mind that he does not have any prior knowledge about sports betting. 

In addition to the biggest win, Fred Craggs also bags a jackpot after placing a 50-pence bet on a parlay, making him the biggest 2008 horse racing winner. He accumulated a total of $1,258,288.

There were also anonymous sports bettors and parlay bets that collected massive profits from sports betting. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry when placing a wager since you can place your bets online or through Singapore pools sports. 

For more information about the biggest parlay wins in history, you can read more on this infographic CM2BET.

Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History

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