Asian American Admits to Elite Universities – Infographic

The competition for admission to premier universities has reached an all-time high. Many students are looking for ways to get into their dream schools. However, not everyone can get into elite universities. Among other races, Asian Americans have the most challenging admissions requirements because of the prejudice against their group and the high level of competition.

Given the importance of education in Asian culture, it’s not surprising that Asian kids perform well in the classroom, with many achieving high grades on a grueling course load of AP examinations, PSATs, and SATs. However, Asian Americans with outstanding academic records are not always admitted and are even more frequently rejected, as they suffer substantial discrimination and scrutiny.

Yale University is one of the top-performing universities in the northeastern area of the United States. Accordingly, Yale University’s current admission rate is roughly 6.3 percent, though it changes from year to year. In actual words, this means that only six students are admitted for every 100 who apply. It is essential to know how to get into Yale University as early as possible to prepare yourself. High-performing students around the world are investing in their lower years of education. Thus, competition is constantly present and continuously rising.

If you are looking for a university with world-class academic offerings, you can also consider Princeton University. As an Asian American student, you might be wondering how to get into Princeton or how difficult it is to get admitted.

Admission to this world-class university is hugely competitive. Princeton University’s acceptance rate is approximately 6%, though it varies every year. Fortunately, this college approaches admissions holistically. In other words, admissions officers consider various factors while deciding which applications will be admitted.

Despite the discrimination, Asian Americans must navigate the highly competitive world. They must score well on their SATs and do well at school. Even if being an Asian American is tough, being the creme of the crop is not impossible.

Here is an infographic from AdmissionSight to learn more.

Asian American Admits to Elite University
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