Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History – Infographic

Sports betting is fun and thrilling as you have the chance also to support your favourite team or individual. In fact, it is an excellent chance to win a small amount of money and big bucks. There have been several big wins in sports betting in history in recent years.

It has been proven that generating money on small bets is not enough to make large profits. Punters have to look for bookies that offer jackpots or use the outright betting market. Some people are also risking different casino games such as baccarat online, slot, blackjack, and many more. 

Some had to look for a sportsbook to take advantage of the different odds to make more money. Regardless of your chosen strategy, it is still essential to educate yourself about gambling to prevent mishandling your bankroll that can cost you a lot of money.

Take a look at some of the most significant betting wins in history below.

Anonymous Bettor – $14 Million

After placing a winning bet on the L.A. Dodgers versus the Houston Astros during 2017, a lucky bettor won $14M. The mysterious bettor placed several bets at different Las Vegas bookmakers and let the entire thing ride for six games. After game six, he won a staggering $14 million.

Steve Whiteley – PS1.45 million

Steve Whiteley, a 61-year-old heating engineer, placed a PS2 or $2 wager from a horse racing ticket for a staggering PS1.45 million. This is approximately $1,825,274 million in 2011. He matched six horses in the Pari-mutuel Jackpot or Exeter Tote, and one of his horses lost its last 28 races. It is unlikely that anyone would bet on a horse who has lost multiple races. Steve had no strategy for picking horses, and he picked them randomly.

For more biggest sports betting wins in history, click this infographic from CM2BET.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History
Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History
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