Creative Roofing Options for your Home

If you need new roofing for your home, consider creative roofing options before settling on the stock products that are available in many home improvement stores. There are several creative options for your home that can make your roof look different and improve the way it performs, even when it’s worn. Flat roofs often require rubberized roofing products, but cedar, hip, and gable roofs have many more creative roofing options to consider. They may feature traditional asphalt shingle roofs, natural cedar shakes, or decorative, artistic roofing materials, including copper or attractive, stand-pipe metal roofs.

Gable and hip roofs are just two examples of more creative roofing options for homes. You can also choose to use more traditional, flat roofs or newer, more aesthetic, artistic materials like slate or tile. If you’re not quite ready to move on to greener roofs, consider asphalt shingled roofs for a long-lasting, low-maintenance option. Other options for residential roofing materials include slate tiles, clay tile roofs, and cedar shakes.

Of course, one of the creative roofing options that you can choose for your home is the appearance of your patio or veranda. For an environmentally conscious homeowner, you may want to consider cedar shake roofs for your patio or portico, which are built from recyclable materials and offer a beautiful, natural appeal that goes beyond brick and stucco. Other options for your portico or patio include concrete slabs, decorative stone piers, and even precast concrete panels.

One more idea for creative roofing options is adding a pergola or trellis to your home’s exterior. These additions allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature’s surroundings while protecting your home from the sun and precipitation. For example, if you have a large gazebo or arbor that you would like to incorporate into the design of your deck, you can add trellis to the structure. Trellis comes in different varieties, including Victorian and colonial styles. Today, manufacturers make a wide selection of unique pergola designs. Other types of materials used to make a pergola and trellis include aluminum, wood, iron, wicker, and concrete.

There are many other types of residential roofing materials that you may want to consider for your project. For example, you may want to choose slate, tile, or concrete block roofing materials. You should also pay close attention to the climate in your area when selecting these types of materials. For instance, asphalt shingles may be perfect for climates with a lot of rainfall, but you must choose these shingles in areas with a lot of sunny weather.

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