Safety tips for summer driving

As the summer is approaching and, in some parts, already arrived, there are some safety tips to help you stay safe and keep your car in good condition during the hot summer days. One important thing during the summer is to ensure safe driving; this is done by equipping your vehicle with some good quality tyres, with a good option being summer tyres or SUV summer tyres, depending on your vehicle type. There are many good quality summer tyres on the market for both passenger cars and SUVs alike. Tyres like the Nokian Wetproof or Nokian Wetproof SUV, just to name a few where these are made for the Central European roads.

The Nokian Wetproof are great summer tyres that will provide you safety during hot and warm summer days and when the heavy summer rain arrives. They are extremely comfortable to drive with due to their silent groove technology coupled with their silent sidewalls. This makes them also great for electric cars and hybrids. They also have dual-zone safety and polished grooves, which are a very important feature to protect against hydroplaning, which can be a problem with summer rains and most accidents in the summer. Besides good quality tyres, some other things can be done to stay safe when driving in hot summer weather.

The Nokian Wetproof SUV are summer tyres that are specially designed focusing on performance, durability and safety. In addition to the cutting-edge technologies like “silent groove design “and “silent Sidewall Technology”, the SUV version also utilizes the “Aramid Sidewall technology” to protect the sidewalls from potholes, curb impacts and rough terrain.

It is always important to make sure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. This helps with rolling resistance and thereby fuel economy. It also protects against blowouts, which can be a real risk in hot weather when the air in the tyres expand. Some other things worth thinking of for both you and the car staying cool during the summer are trying to keep your car as cool as possible. When you park your car, try parking in the shade or parking in a covered garage. This way, the car will be out of direct sunlight and at a lower temperature. You will have less need to use the air conditioning to get the car down to an acceptable temperature. This also reduced the amount of consumer petrol, and since the aircon further heats the engine, it is good to limit its use. Before you leave on a road trip during the summer, make sure all fluids are topped up. Everyone in the car also needs to stay hydrated, preferably with some extra water bottles in the car, just in case.

It is also important to stay alert and have your eyes on the road at all times; always put away your phone if you are driving. Summer driving is the most dangerous time of the year to drive. Statistics show that most fatal accidents occur in August. This is possible due to the increase of people on the road, especially with family vacations in the summer. Another reason is unexpected rain showers in August, increasing the risk of hydroplaning, which is the number one reason for accidents during the summer.

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