Why does proper tyre selection matters?

You can see tyre selection in a similar way that you would select other critical products. You would use different products depending on what you aim to use them for, and you will probably need to change the products depending on the conditions. You will select other products to achieve the goals and get the performance that you are looking for. This could, e.g., be different racquet sports, where you would use different rackets for table tennis, badminton and tennis to achieve the best results. In a similar way, you have to think when you select tyres, with the main difference being that you can’t change as often, so you either make a decision that you will stick with the whole year round or then you will switch between the summer and winter season.

If you plan to drive a loft off-road with your SUV, then you will need to have tyres that are made for off-road and will have aramid-reinforced sidewalls which protect them from side impacts from rocks, sharp or other objects. If you take your vehicle for off-road driving, then the tyres will work for this.  If you have SUV summer tyres and you want to drive during the winter in winter conditions, then you need to complement the dedicated summer tyres or with winter tyres or then with tyres that are winter approved. In addition to the range of winter tyres, you also have winter approved all-season tyres that can be used all year round in both summer and winter conditions.

Summer tyres are made for use in warm temperatures that are present outside the winter season; this means that they shouldn’t be used in temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. When you drive with summer tyres in these conditions, you will have hard tyres that can’t provide stability and control you need. The better quality of tyre you select, the better grip they will have, and the lower rolling resistance will lead to lower fuel consumption.

The quality of the tyre will determine some key properties such as braking distance, control, ability to prevent aquaplaning and fuel efficiency. This is why it matters what tyre that you finally select. The tyres need to be able to handle the conditions where you aim to drive. If you drive during the winter, you will need proper winter tyres in the same way that you will never go out with summer shoes in winter conditions, make sure that you put on proper winter tyres. If you drive during the summer, then select proper premium-quality summer tyres.

Suppose you have an electric car or a hybrid; you also need to take this into account when you make the tyre selection and choose tyres that are recommended for this use. The tyres should be wear-resistant to cope with the higher weight associated with the heavy battery packs and the higher torque from the electric motor. The rolling resistance should also be low to extend the range of use for the vehicles.

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