Signs your Trailer needs Repair and Maintenance

Trailers are used to transport heavy loads to far-off distances. If you do not have a semi-truck for your business, investing in machinery trailers is a cost-efficient and equally reliable alternative. And while they are manufactured to be sturdy, the nature of their purpose still puts them at risk of severe damage.

Many telltale signs indicate your box trailer with cage needs well-deserved maintenance. After all, this vehicle is constantly carrying heavy cargo and enduring a beating from rough terrains. Any damage to your trailer might affect its performance, so it’s best to inspect it with help from our guide below:

Braking Problems

Have you ever found yourself having difficulty putting your trailers to a stop? Not only is this problem inconvenient, but it may also pose a danger, especially when transporting heavy equipment. Braking your trailer is not supposed to be a struggle, so be sure to begin inspecting the moment you feel problems with stopping.

You must check your axle and braking system by lifting the trailer using a jack. Try pulling the breakaway and spinning the wheel. A fully functioning braking system will lock the tyre, but if it continues to turn, you might want to bring it to the nearest repair shop. If the braking system is fine, but you still can’t stop the vehicle easily, the axle might be bent. 

Strange Noises

Your trailer should not be making any odd sounds while using it. Chances are, there are loose or damaged components somewhere making those noises. You should not dismiss these as a usual thing for your trailer since they can signify a bigger problem.

Check your trailer for any corrosion, cracks, or damaged spindles during a routine inspection, which you should regularly perform to ensure good condition. Certain clicking, knocking, and other sounds could come from these damages, some of which may be found on the axle.

Unstable Swerving

While driving, you might notice your trailer swerving and swaying without provocation. Several reasons can contribute to this issue; if not addressed soon, it might cause further damage to the trailer and your car.

Often, a swaying trailer might have problems with the tyre or suspension system. In some cases, the issue stems from its attachment to the car. Whatever the cause may be, a swerving trailer is dangerous and warrants a visit to the repair shop.

Consider Replacing

A reliable maintenance specialist can easily bring many trailer damages back to good condition. But, if you are constantly maintaining your vehicle due to repeating problems, you might want to browse the market for a sturdier replacement.

Old trailers are no longer reliable, so consider contacting Trailer 2000 for a custom-built, top-quality Australian trailer. 

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