The Importance of Engine Mounts

Engine mounts aid in the security of a vehicle’s engine. They block it from vibrating excessively and keep it attached while the vehicle is operating. 

However, just like any equipment, the engine mount and its components, such as Flange Couplings, may need to be replaced even if you take care of it well. Some common signs of malfunction include visible wear and tear and clucks during acceleration. 

If you notice your engine mount or components are broken or need repair, it is an excellent idea to contact a professional. Many engine mount suppliers, such as Poly Flex, can assist you when needed. 

So, what is the significance of engine mount? 

Easy to install and cost-effective

Engine mounts, especially those made of rubber, will help increase your engine’s life expectancy. Be sure that engine mount isolation will help you save a lot on repairs and engine replacements.

Long-lasting and versatile

Rubber engine mounts are durable and versatile. Because of its resilience, it is the most commonly used material. It also offers noise reduction and sound vibration, so you don’t have to worry about these issues while driving your vehicle.


The engine mount’s primary purpose is to keep the engine in the correct place, as mentioned earlier. Motors can move freely if there are missing or damaged engine mounts. This can cause unintended acceleration by adding tension to the throttle linkage. The brake lines can also be damaged, which could cause the power brake system failure.

Why Should You Replace Engine Mounts?

The actual lifespan of engine mounts will vary depending on the load it is subjected to and where it is located. Still, failure to replace engine mounts may result in severe damage to your vehicle. Therefore, it is ideal to regularly check on it and ensure you get it fixed or replaced to strengthen its longevity. 

If you are ready to look for a new engine mount, check out Poly Flex! They are an Australian-based manufacturing company specialising in Engine Mounting Systems, Steel Shaft Couplings, and Flexible Disc Couplings. Visit their website or contact them at +61 7 3284 2799 for more information or inquiries.

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